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Our First Lady

Dr. Martha L. Crockett


      Martha L. Crockett, born Martha L. Jones, is the seventh child of sixteen to the late Willie and Rebecca Jones.  She was born on a plantation in Mississippi where she lived until age ten.  Martha is no stranger to hard work for she lived the early years of her life working on plantations.  Because of the hard work, Martha was not afforded the opportunity to attend school regularly as children her age did, so she did not learn to read until the tender age of ten.  Soon after she began to read, a writing ministry was birthed; though unaware of this great ministry God had placed inside of her at such  a young age, the only thing Martha knew is that she loved to write. In 1958 just before leaving Mississippi, Martha had a great experience that would change her life forever; she received the salvation of the Lord and accepted Him as her Savior.  This experience began her lifelong Christian journey. 


     Martha and her family relocated from Mississippi to another planation in Arkansas.  It was in Arkansas that the great gift of writing that God had placed inside of her began to blossom.  At age fourteen, Martha participated in a writing contest, and wrote a short story entitled "Simple Jack and the Little Hen".  With that story Martha took home 1st place out of about 1400 other students who had participated, and was rewarded by having her story published in The Memphis Press Semiter for all to see.  It was after that, that Martha's courage was strengthened, and she began entering more writing contests.  Martha's passion for writing was growing and becoming a ministry that would soon change the lives of those around her.  At age nineteen, God decided that it was time for Martha to close one chapter of her life and open up another, by removing her from a life she had grown to know on a plantation.

     In 1968, ten years after accepting God as her Lord and Savior, Martha received her license as a Missionary in the Church of God in Christ under Bishop L. T. Walker in Little Rock, Arkansas and has since continued to spread the gospel and goodness of God.  Martha has now been in ministry for more than fifty years.  Out of her love for writing came four books; "The Power of Forgiveness", "Gossip", "Rise Up O' Woman" and "Thirty-One Keys to Maximizing Your Potential Through Prayer and Fasting".  She has travelled throughout the Virginia area and neighboring states to minister and conduct various workshops and seminars and most of all to preach the word of God under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Martha is a graduate of Delta Vocational Technical School of Marked Tree Arkansas with a certificate in Secretarial Science.  She also holds an Associate in Accounting from John Tyler Community College as well as a Bachelor in Accounting and Finance and a Master in Business Education from Virginia State University.  But after many years of dedicating herself to the Accounting profession, she closed her accounting practice and stopped her pursuit of a career in the public sector to concentrate all of her efforts to the work of ministry.  In pursuit of furthering her work in the ministry, Martha studied at the Living Water Biblical Institute and the Faith and Hope Temple COGIC Bible Institute. 

     In 1998 she was ordained as a minister under the leadership of Bishop L.E. Willis, New Frontier Church of God in Christ.  And in August of 2009 Martha earned her Doctorate in Christian Education. Martha has a servant's heart and serves God's people willingly.  She works beside her husband, Bishop Herman Crockett Jr. in their church, Faith and Hope Temple Church of God in Christ, in the Robert E. Lee Community of Petersburg, VA.  She has been instrumental in organizing various ministries in the church that help to minister to the Total Person.  Among those are: Mother's Corner, a ministry for the hurting woman, Daddy's Den, a ministry for developing strong Christian men and the Faith and Hope Temple Child Care Center, which ministers to young children 18 months to five years of age. Aside from being a supportive wife, an accomplished author, Martha is a loving and devoted mother to three beautiful ladies; Tabitha, Sheree and Mikela. Martha is also a proud grandmother and great grandmother.

     She believes that nothing happens just for the sake of happening. After all of the things that she has been through, she has come to believe these words and has adopted them as her motto:  Whatever you are going through, it's just a test!






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